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If you want it in Cork

If it can be made in Cork

If it is profitable in Cork


C. Olley & Sons want to do it

C. Olley & Sons can make it

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C Olley and Sons Ltd and the manufacturing of cork products have been synonymous for over 140 years.  We can supply any item in cork or cork/rubber what is required and possible.  We hve to adhere to a quality assurance system which complies with ISO 9002.  In order to maintain this high standard, all items we supply fall within this criteria of inspection and analysis. The company can boast of successful sales in such diverse areas as space satellites, rockets, submarines, fighter planes, insulation roof systems, laboratory equipment, gaskets, fishing floats, notice boards and table mats materials, bungs bottle stoppers and many others.  

As each form of cork has been introduced we have added it to our range and worked with those materials to service every industry with its particular requirements.  Importantly, most of our products are manufactured virtually on your doorstop in the UK.

Although the company has diversified both in its products and its methods, cork QUALITY and SERVICE has remainted its philosophy


Cork does indeed grow on trees!  It is a natural product we have harvested without harm to the tree.  Mankind has often taken what nature provides either for granted or assumed it can do better.  Synthetic substitutes have bot been able to reproduce cork with all its complexities.  Any that come close in a particular aspect are becoming increasingly expensive and in many cases will not retain its performance over the years as cork will.

Its properties include recoverability, sound and heat insulation, the ability to breath and yet to seal.  Moveover, it is just as versatile for the actions that it will not do.  It does not disintegrate under adverse weather conditions.  It does not give off gases.  It does not support combustion.  No parasite lives off it.  In short,, it is basically inert.   It is an unique cellular structure which consists of a vast number of tinu 14 sided cells, each containing a microscopic volume of gas.  The gas is similar to air but without CO2, 50% of the cellmass is composed of this gas.  Furthermore it is non corrosive, has useful flame-retardant properties and will withstand high compression loading.  The cell walls comprise of several membranes forming a strong impermeable and elastic structure to contain the gas (with around 40 million cells per cubic centimetre)


36 Southgate Ave
Mildenhall, IP28 7AT
United Kingdom

01638 712076

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  • Acoustic Material

  • Anti -virbration Pads

  • Balls - Cork

  • Blocks - Cork and Cork/Rubber

  • Bottle Cap Liners - All types of materials

  • Bungs - Natural and Compressed

  • Caned Corks

  • Clip Strips for pipe work

  • Clutch Pads and Corks and Facings

  • Coasters

  • Coloured Cork

  • Coving Cork

  • Cork - Natural Sheets and Blocks

  • Cork/Rubber Flooring (Industrial)

  • Cork/Rubber Sheets & Reels

  • Corkwood

  • Cut Shapes

  • Decking Material for Ships

  • Decorative Cork Items made to order

  • Ejection Pads

  • Fillet Angle

  • Fire Door Infill

  • Fire Retardant Cork Sheets

  • Fire Retardant Cork Rubber Sheets

  • Fishing Rod Handles and Materials

  • Floats - Fresh Water & Sea Angling

  • Floats - Industrial

  • Floats - Tank Level

  • Floats - Industrial & Marine

  • Friction Pads

  • Gaskets

  • Gasket Material

  • Gift ware Cork

  • Glazers Protection Pads

  • Granulated Cork - all meshes / Coloured

  • Guttering

  • Helmet Liners

  • Inertia Blocks

  • Insect Setting boards

  • Insulation Corkboard Slabs & Tapered 

  • Insulation Materials - Roofing

  • Insulation  Panels - Ceiling & Walls

  • Isolation Pads

  • Isolation V.Bolts & Covers

  • Isotope Containers

  • Keyrings - Boating

  • Laboratory Rings

  • Linings - Anti condensation

  • MOD & DRG Ships Materials

  • Masking Corks

  • Memo Boards

  • Natural Cork Sheets

  • Overaps

  • Packing Pieces

  • Pipe Clamps

  • Plastic Topped Stoppers

  • Polishing Wheels

  • Roller Coverings

  • Rubbing Blocks

  • Scale Tops

  • Seals

  • Self Adhesive Sheets Reels and Tapes

  • Shoe Inserts & Heels

  • Shuttlecock Corks

  • Virgin Cork

  • Wine Corks

Just because its not on the list doesn't mean that we can't supply it - Call us for more information

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